Antony Woodville1Welcome to the website of Antony Woodville, Lord Scales of Newcelles and the Isle of Wight, 2nd Earl Rivers, to give him all his titles.  This charismatic, intelligent, intellectual courtier played a very big part in the politics of the latter half of the 15th century, the time of the Wars of the Roses.

This website is also for all the Woodvilles, the slandered, maligned family of their age.  Here you will find a 'potted history' of the family, together with separate pages on the famous Woodvilles: Elizabeth, Queen to Edward IV and mother of the Princes in the Tower and Edward Woodville, courtier, Admiral of the Fleet and Captain of the Isle of Wight.

Explore this site and discover more about one of the leading families of that time.  Research has shown there are many, many errors in books and on the Internet; here you will find the truth, as far as it can be written after so many years have passed and records destroyed or altered.

The title of this website comes from the writings of William Caxton.  It is beyond doubt that Earl Rivers delivered the manuscript of Malory's Morte DArthur to Caxton to be printed.  There is a mention of 'one in specyal' in Caxton's Preface, which a leading academic believes must refer to Earl Rivers himself.  It is a fitting title for a man of letters who did so much to sponsor the earliest publications ever made on English soil.  It is also a fitting title for a man who shone as an outstanding knight, courtier, intellectual and writer when such accolades were widely given to the aristocracy at that time.  I commend to you Earl Rivers, one in specyal.

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